Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a very painful chronic condition that often affects the feet, hands, arms or legs.  It often times occurs after a surgery or trauma, when the communication between the central and peripheral nervous system becomes affected.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is also referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS-1) or Causalgia (CRPS-2).  What distinguishes these two types, is that with Causalgia there is a confirmed nerve injury.

In our practice, Dr. Michael Veselak has commonly come across CRPS following a carpal tunnel, knee replacement surgery, or a trauma like an automobile accident.

The exact reasons as to why people will develop this chronic pain syndrome are unclear, and unfortunately, there is not one specific test that will confirm the diagnosis.  A CRPS diagnosis is generally made based on a patients’ medical history, signs and symptoms.

Our approach to the treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is quite comprehensive.  Dr. Michael Veselak examines each patient from a functional medicine perspective – addressing them neurologically, metabolically and structurally.

Dr. Veselak focuses on areas of the brain, specifically the parietal lobe, thalamus and somatosensory and somatamotor cortex to help correct the signal and/or the interpretation.  He utilizes techniques such as non-invasive deep brain stimulation, galvanic vestibular stimulation, multi- sensory mirror box therapy; tone burst vestibular stimulation and SITS-VITS therapy for neuropathic pain.

These advanced methods have proven to be much more effective when they incorporate the metabolic side of care.  It is imperative to minimize the body’s inflammatory response, gut-brain inflammation and immune response.

In clinical practice, Dr. Veselak has found that most individuals that suffer from CRPS have a major inflammatory response in their body.  Some of these responses are due to genetics, which at times Dr. Veselak also will address.

The final component in our management of CRPS is that Dr. Veselak addresses the structural component.  Myofascial work, as well as stretching and strengthening the affected areas is critical.  Dr. Michael Veselak utilizes 3 different therapies that he has found to be effective: Cold Laser, PEMF and Rapid Release.  These therapies all provide a decrease in inflammation as well as help to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Most of our patients have been to several doctors before coming to our clinic.  Generally, within 2-4 weeks they begin to notice improvement.  Treatment duration can be approximately 3-6 months.


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