Brain Enhancement Program

We are the only clinic in Ventura County that incorporates functional medicine, functional neurology and neurofeedback to enhance and support brain health.

It is our intention to detect chronic degenerative conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s at the early onset so we can have a positive impact on neutralizing the progression of these diseases.

This can be done through dietary and lifestyle modifications.  Dr. Michael Veselak will evaluate possible inflammatory triggers that can potentially lead to degeneration of neurons and affect the ability of the nerves to communicate with each other.

Conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes, anemia, and autoimmune issues can accelerate the degenerative process in the brain.

Through careful analysis of labs, Dr. Michael Veselak will help to restore healthy blood sugar levels, improve circulation to the brain, and promote proper gut function and detoxification.  This, in turn, will enhance the communication between nerve cells and prevent degeneration.

Functional Neurology allows us to analyze proper function of some of the lobes of the brain.  It has been shown that the brain is neuroplastic, and provided the correct tools and activation, it can reestablish neuron connections.

The third component of our Brain Enhancement Program is Neurofeedback.  Neurofeedback can safely and effectively begin to change the landscape of the brain, enabling children with attention deficit disorders or individuals with anxiety disorders to think, feel and respond differently because the brain is used in a more effective manner.

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