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How Does Our Patient Intake Process Work?

Dr. Michael Veselak’s primary goal in treating your chronic case is to be as comprehensive as possible in determining the exact cause of your chronic condition. In order to provide you with the most extensive care, our initial intake procedure is a two-step process. This ensures that Dr. Veselak has the time to address all of the metabolic and neurological concerns to your case. This is your assurance that we will commit the time and expertise necessary to provide you with the best care possible.

What does the two-step process entail?

Step #1:

Dr. Michael Veselak will review your intake forms, medical records, lab work and any x-rays or imaging studies that you have brought with you. We encourage you to send us any previous lab testing prior to your initial visit so that Dr. Veselak can review your case before your appointment. Dr. Veselak will perform a comprehensive exam, assessing your condition from a metabolic, neurologic and chiropractic perspective.

Step #2: 

After reviewing your case history and performing the necessary exams, Dr. Veselak will discuss his recommendations for future care and possible lab testing that may need to be completed. He will explain his plan for treatment and the state-of-the-art therapies he will propose to treat your chronic condition. During this portion of the exam, all fees for continuing care and any additional lab testing will be discussed.

Free 5-minute phone consultation:

If you have specific questions regarding your case, we encourage you to schedule a free 5-minute phone consultation with Dr. Michael Veselak to discuss your concerns. In doing so, you can determine whether our clinic is the right place for your treatment.


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