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We utilize bioresonance therapy  along with hair, urine and blood tests to determine your level of toxicity.  This has been a huge success in our office in not only discovering the toxicity but assisting the body to remove this toxicity through proper support and supplementation.

In healthcare there are three basic components that need to be addressed. Chemistry, which we are all familiar with, is the first. This includes getting blood work, running tests and providing medications. The second is neurology – analyzing the hemispheres of the brain and nervous system to assess not only nerve function but balance, posture, coordination and muscle control. The third piece is toxicology. This is a neglected field, but ever increasing in priority due to the toxic environment we all live in. However, this segment faces a difficult issue, in that there are no specific tests that we can run to measure this level of toxicity.

In our office we respond to these three components of healthcare by utilizing a variety of therapies to address deficiencies. Some of these therapies are home based and some are in-office, such as neurofeedback.

Often times, we are the patients final stop on their quest to recovery. After seeing several providers who help to manage the symptoms but never really address the cause, patients become frustrated. In response to these particular situations, we have equipped ourselves with the appropriate tools to look outside the box and get to the root of the problem.

This is what sets us apart from other offices. It has been our clinical experience, that most chronic health conditions have an underlying toxic component. The more problems a patient has, the higher percentage of toxins. Ultimately, it robs the health of the individual and it is our intention to restore it.

We have found this is the most overlooked aspect of care due to the lack of testing. We have hair analysis, which is not extremely sensitive. However, toxins such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, or heavy metals can lodge in any part of the body. We would have to do a whole body biopsy to find out.

Instead, the tool we use to seek out the underlying causes of various chronic issues is called BIORESONANCE THERAPY. It is safe, effective, based upon science, and will not only find the toxicity, but determine the nature of it and most importantly, help to eliminate it.

Let me explain how it works.  This is science based on fact. Fritz Paup discovered cells have a more effective way of communicating than what we understand as neurotransmitters, hormones, and chemicals. This communication is through energy – a very specific language that is inherent in nature. This form of communication is 100 times more effective than the current system we are familiar with.  The second language is language is called energy of the biophoton, and it tells the chemicals what to do.

Remember this is not theory but fact. If we only tap into the chemistry side, we are significantly limiting our ability to heal. It allows us to eavesdrop into the cells and people get healthier and better faster.

We do this through a reflex system. Similar to when we walk from a light room to a dark room or vice versa, our pupils dilate or constrict. It does this throughout the day but we don’t even notice. Imagine how frustrating it would be if we did notice these automatic reflexes.

We utilize these automatic reflexes by measuring the body’s stress response. We will have you comfortably lie on a table, and we will measure your response when we introduce different vials of potential stressors. In a reflexive automatic fashion, your leg will pull up when it resonates to the body. Similar to a frequency of a radio station, our bodies communicate through a frequency. It is this frequency that allows animals to travel across the world to the exact place they need to be to mate or hibernate. If the vial has the exact frequency we are looking for, your body will exhibit a stress response which is measurable.

When I use these vials, I use them by an order, flow chart and procedure. This allows me to evaluate the toxicity in your body, where it is and the nature of it.

We evaluate all the essential parts of the puzzle:  blood chemistry, genetics, neurology, and toxicology.

We ask that you fill out all of the paperwork, email your blood work to evaluate and determine if more is necessary.

At the first consultation, we will review the paperwork, discuss your health concerns and perform a neurological exam and Bioresonance exam.  At that ime we will recommend if necessary more testing such as 23andme, hair, stool or urine analysis.

We charge $295 for this complete Bioresonance evaluation. At the conclusion of the exam we will outline our best recommendation to assist you in restoring your health.

It is difficult for me to provide an exact time of improvement since every patient is different and the healing can take between 6-12 months for some of our difficult chronic cases.  Our care is divided into phases which I will discuss with you when I provide my recommendation.

We are looking to establish long term relationships since achieving optimum health is a process not an event.

Please contact our office and set up your initial consultation, examination and toxicity evaluation! 


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