Distance Patients

Distance Patients

We have a range of packages which include time, either in person, or virtually, with our practitioners, as well as the option for one or more diagnostics, and re-testing at a minimum of 12 weeks following a personalized plan.  Selecting the initial diagnostics and re-test will be dependent on your current health status.   

Since many of our patients travel great distances to come to our clinic, we have established programs to reduce and or eliminate the travel time involved.  Please call our office to inquire about our distance programs.  We have made arrangements with a local hotel for those of you that are staying for prolonged periods.  

Since our Neuropathy Pain Support Program and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome are quite popular please plan on a month before the next available opening.

Some of our patients that have contacted us already have had their testing done through 23andme, but are finding it difficult to navigate through this complex set of data.  We have established various programs to accommodate you dependent on your needs and goals.

​If you have any questions about these programs please call us at  805-482-0723.  We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

In Office Intensive Pain Management

  • Designed For The Chronic Pain Patient: Peripheral Neuropathy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Spinal Stenosis; Failed Back Surgery, Chronic Traumatic  Encephalopathy

  • Program Duration:  Our advanced extensive programs range from one week to two months depending upon the severity of the case. 

  • Program Curriculum:  We incorporate a variety of non-surgical techniques to reduce the pain level and improve your function and activities of daily living.  Our success is based upon the fact that we approach each person individually and we personalize a program to fit your needs.   We incorporate a full body approach to include Functional Medicine, Functional Neurology, Neurofeedback, Brain Based Therapies to improve balance, cognition, and reduce pain, Neuromuscular Reeducation, Counseling and Stress Management.

  • Medical Team:  We collaborate with a pain management team 

If you are interested in this program please set up an initial Discovery Complimentary Consultation to determine if you are a candidate for our Distance Chronic Pain Program. 

You can also email Dr. Veselak so he can set up an introductory consult with you.

​Email:  dr.veselak@gmail.com 

What makes my treatment plans so successful?

I personally create each and every protocol based on your unique biochemical individuality. In other words, I look at you as a whole person from a functional perspective to figure out the root cause of your health concerns. This allows me to create an in-depth healing protocol that addresses your physical and emotional well-being.

Customer Reviews

"Within the first 10 days of therapy, which was only four treatments, I noticed a major decrease in my pain level. After about 10 sessions, my pain level diminished to hardly noticeable. I am very thankful for the treatment program because it saved my career and increased my quality of life more than I could have ever imagined."​
-Robert A.
"Dr. Michael Veselak and his spinal decompression clinic have changed my life in a way I never would have thought possible. Now, five weeks after I started my treatment, I'm back to my very active lifestyle. During my entire treatment, I've been completely medication free. I couldn't have done it without Dr. Veselak. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone faced with surgery as their only option or people that have chronic neck and/or back pain. This is an option you cannot afford to pass up."
-Umrao M.

Chronic Pain Testimonial

Chronic Pain Testimonial

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