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By Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C.

Difficulty Losing Weight

Through the years I have coached several patients to help them lose weight. However, every so often a more difficult one comes along exhibiting signs of hormone, glucose and insulin imbalance.   Over time I have been fortunate to learn how to break through some of these barriers and begin to identify the real causes of why they are unable to lose weight despite cutting calories and exercising.

Initially, I thought that the individual was not 100% being upfront with me with regards to diet and exercise. We started to monitor them closely documenting all food intake and exercise. What we discovered was quite revealing.

The major cause of weight loss resistance was inflammation. Inflammation originating in the cell affecting the mitochondria, the receptor sites for all hormones and vitamins and the nucleus, which is where the replication of DNA takes place.

Probably the greatest change I have seen in my 30 plus years in practice, is the level of toxicity in each patient. When I first started practice the adjustment was powerful and it could in of and by itself eliminate the stressors emotional, physical and chemical resulting in the vertebral subluxation. However, in recent times are bodies are over burdened with this toxic load from cosmetics, hair dyes, water supply, pesticides in food and just overall pollution. This bombardment has led to not only to a part of the population that is resistant to losing weight but also a dramatic increase in Autoimmune Conditions, Autism, Alzheimer’s and Thyroid Conditions.

All of the patients that I coach with regards to weight loss have tried other forms of dieting without much long -term success. Primarily, it is because we need to teach the body to become a fat burning machine and increase energy.

There are several ways we can achieve this and I will tell you the approach is slightly different for everyone. We utilize techniques to modify your diet to eliminate food triggers as well as modifying and varying your approach to food and eating.

It is necessary to eat whole foods, organic preferably. Also we need to incorporate strategies to allow our body to adapt to different situations. In recent years we have incorporated techniques such as modified fasting, intermittent fasting and on occasion block fasting.

There are numerous research articles on the benefits of fasting and varying the schedule of eating so our bodies are not so predictable. These benefits include: Reduction of Insulin Resistance and glucose sensitivity; Enhanced Immune System; Increase Human Growth Hormone which has anti aging properties; Improving Digestive Health and Improving Cellular Inflammation.

Remember I said the cellular inflammation is at the core of most modern day illness.

Intermittent Fasting or varying the schedules of when to eat as stated above has profound health benefits. When I began to implement this strategy the results with my coaching clients were clearly identifiable. We were able to take the body and shift its focus from burning sugar to burning fat.

Losing weight suddenly became easier as our cell walls became less toxic and in turn less resistant. Energy levels increased, sleep patterns improved, fat burning accelerated.

Our body will also prefer sugar burning to fat burning because it is easier and too much glucose will be toxic to the cell. During our normal day it is imperative that we drastically reduce our carbohydrate intake to make sure the shift stays in fat burning mode rather than sugar burning mode.

Read the labels and glance at the sugar and carbohydrate content. With huge glucose spikes we create more cellular inflammation ultimately increasing the resistance of the cell to hormones and vitamins causing an inability to not only feel good but too lose weight.

An increased amount of inflammation in the body will cause more oxidative stress, placing more burden on the body. Of course there is never one quick fix or one size fits all plan to help everyone. There are some people that their genetics leads them to more oxidative stress and the body’s ability to remove these harmful free radicals.

This is why I like to analyze the DNA through 23andme, so we can see exactly the hand we are dealing with to personalize our approach for each individual. Again, when employing this comprehensive strategy conditions such as the inability to lose weight, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune issues, ADHD, and anxiety has become much easier to support.

Ketosis is the ideal state we would like to achieve with our intermittent, modified or block fasting. This promotes healing and fat burning. Ketosis does not have to be a permanent state. We have individuals that go in and out of ketosis with good results.

On occasion there are a few individuals that their toxic burden is so great they will not shift into ketosis and do not experience the same results with regards to health and weight loss. With these individuals we will “carbo load” them, still maintaining good carbs, no grains and sugars.

While the food intake and maintaining a state of fat burning is very important, it is also important to begin the process of removing the toxins. We utilize certain supplements to help detoxification and support the body in recovery. This might entail supporting the liver, gall bladder, adrenals, thyroid and or kidney.

Most of us have been convinced that detoxification occurs with a 3 day or 5 day cleanse or a juice fast. Detoxification, phase 1 and phase 2 occurs on a minute, by minute basis.   It needs to be addressed and supported through good methods of dieting which we have discussed along with proper supplementation and support to help control the cellular toxicity and inflammation.

The final component is exercise. It is important to change your routine and do not get stuck performing the same exercises every single day. There has been a lot of research in regards to High Level Intensity Training. This type of exercise makes our body more efficient for burning fat, losing weight and increasing the overall metabolism.

If you are interested in our coaching program, call the office at 805 482-0723.

We are the only facility in Ventura County that addresses the patient from a Structural, Metabolic, Neurologic and Genetic Viewpoint.



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