One of the most common questions I hear when I consult with patients is do I think they are over or undermethylated?

It is believed that genetic mutations can lead to abnormalities of the methylation process, which can influence energy production, neurotransmitter production, detoxification and our immune system. Most commonly we look at the MTHFR gene and its interaction with other genes. In essence undermethylation could lead to lower levels of serotonin, making them more susceptible to depression. Overmethylation can cause symptoms such as ADHD and Anxiety.

Rather than self diagnose it is important to analyze all the genes from the 23andme test and look at the big picture. Supplements can be recommended that can assist with the methylation process. At times we will prescribe labs such as histamine, zinc and copper to get a clearer picture of methylation.   It can also be beneficial to look at the SAM/SAH ratio through Doctors Data for further analysis.

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