Spinal Decompression: Non-Surgical Solutions to Stenosis, Sciatica, and Disc Herniations
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Spinal Decompression: Non-Surgical Solutions to Stenosis, Sciatica, and Disc Herniations

Since 2007, Dr. Michael Veselak has been practicing Spinal Decompression therapy using the DRX9000 machine in his office in Camarillo. During this time, we have seen disc herniations reduce by 50% (pre and post MRI), lumbar curvatures restore, and disc height increase.

Spinal Decompression therapy is a revolutionary approach to chiropractic care, designed to reduce the size of the disc bulge and/or increase the size of the intervertebral foramen. This results in less pain and pressure off of the sciatic nerve.

Clinically, in Dr. Veselak’s 32 years of practice in Camarillo, the spinal decompression therapy is the only effective conservative treatment for Spinal Stenosis.

The DRX9000 is a very sophisticated, computerized form of Spinal Decompression therapy that allows Dr. Veselak to treat the exact injured spinal segment more precisely and accurately. It has been proven to provide 2-3 times greater joint separation than spinal traction. Essentially, this treatment allows pressure to be removed from the spinal nerve impingement and increase blood flow, bringing nutrient to the damaged discs.

Utilizing his advanced methods of spinal decompression and nerve regeneration therapy, Dr. Michael Veselak has successfully treated thousands of patients throughout Ventura County.

Most of our patients have been to several doctors and have tried numerous types of therapy. This journey can be very frustrating. Like you, Dr. Veselak has been part of this painful journey for many years prior to trying the Spinal Decompression therapy. We are here to offer you hope and a non-surgical solution to resolve your chronic pain.

Patients who have been in our Spinal Decompression Program and followed our instructions experienced lasting results, significantly reduced pain levels and increased activity levels. In fact, through time they even experienced less pain.

If you are interested in joining the Spinal Decompression Therapy Program, contact our office at (805) 482-0723. If you have any questions or concerns, we can arrange a 5-minute FREE consultation with Dr. Veselak to discuss your interests.

Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C.

Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C. has been practicing Chiropractic care in Camarillo, California for over 33 years. Throughout his experience, Dr. Veselak has recognized the importance of treating each patient based on their condition rather than their symptoms. In recent years, Dr. Michael Veselak has become a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, allowing him to evaluate each patient neurologically and metabolically, as well as from a chiropractic standpoint. In doing so, Dr. Veselak has seen tremendous success in his patients suffering from chronic conditions such as Peripheral Neuropathy, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Problems, and Thyroid Disorders. Using state-of-the-art technology, such a Cold Laser, Hako-Med, Spinal Decompression, Vibration Therapy and Brain-based exercises, Dr. Michael Veselak has witnessed profound effects with various chronic conditions. It is his mission to leave no stone unturned in getting to the root cause of your pain, rather than merely treating the symptoms with medications. If you or someone you know is suffering from a chronic condition, please contact Dr. Michael Veselak at (805) 482-0723.

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  1. Hello Dr. Veselak, I am interested in getting pain relief for my peripheral neuropathy in my feet. The condition was diagnosed 2 years ago and has worsened to the point where I’m not getting much sleep and in pain a lot, mostly burning tingling feeling in feet constantly–have to soak feet in cold water to get any relief and that is not much. I would love to check out the new Hako med device, from what I have seen on you-tube videos it is very effective–also looking at spinal decomp. and diet changes. Thank you, would love a phone consultation in the next few days. Dave Valenzuela cell 541 337-5485

    1. Dave:
      I generally set them up during the lunch hour 1:30-2. If this works for you I will call you on Monday. In the meantime I will forward my ebook to your email and add you to our newsletter you requested. Hopefully, during the consult we can offer you some advice and a direction to improve. When you receive the book, please confirm the time is good on Monday.

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