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Gut Recovery Program

By Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C.

The gut is the cornerstone to good health. In fact, 70-80% of your immune system resides in the gut, and it works hard as a primary defense against invaders such as parasites, fungus, and bacterial issues. Our body is amazing in how it maintains homeostasis with a very intricate system, supporting good balance and overall health.

Throughout our life we are continuously being attacked by invaders that our immune system must constantly deal with in an effective and efficient manner. However, due to certain issues within the body, our immune system can begin to trigger an inflammatory response to certain foods or pathogens that we have,  in the past, been able to digest or deal with.

We have been taught that taking probiotics will replenish the good bacteria and will help defend the various pathogens that the gut encounters. Unfortunately, the problem is a little but more complicated.

First, it is imperative to figure out the pathogen that is creating this inflammatory response. Is it a food sensitivity, bacterial overgrowth, parasitic invasion, fungal issue? Or is it related to blood sugar issues, liver detoxification issues, adrenal problems or genetic mutations such as MTHFR?

Through extensive training in Functional Medicine, I have the tools and knowledge to help discover the antigen that creates this inflammatory response and eventually leads to leaky gut and other possible autoimmune issues.

We utilize standard blood and urine tests to assess the overall health of our patients. When necessary, we will run the Cyrex Array 2, 3, and 4. This helps us determine leaky gut, gluten sensitivity, and any foods that cross-react with gluten. At times, we will run a stool profile to look for pathogens or parasites. We will order hair analysis if heavy metal toxicity is suspected or an Adrenal Stress profile to determine levels of cortisol and melatonin for individuals that are over-stressed, fatigued and not sleeping well.

There is not one simple solution for each patient. However, we have found that there is an underlying metabolic component to all chronic health issues, including chronic pain.

Once the inflammatory culprits are discovered, we use specific methods to support the body, to help reduce these inflammatory levels and in turn, improve the patients overall health.

We REMOVE the cause.

We REPAIR the gut mucosa, healing the leaky gut.

We REINTRODUCE good bacteria in the form of probiotics.

This 3-phase program is the beginning to help support the body to repair itself. When this is completed, generally after 6 weeks, we can then support other organs in the body to help detoxify and eliminate the inflammatory sources.

Over the years, I have been witness to many patients suffering from various autoimmune issues for far too long. With our help, I have seen their lives transform before my eyes, as they begin to heal and repair their bodies. I am amazed everyday at how these issues, which present themselves as so complex, are improved with just a few simple changes.

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